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1. Tile / Stone Fixing Products
1.1 FT-Klebemortel (non-toxic ceramic wall tile adhesive for internal & external & potable water tank use)
1.2 Nanolight (multi-use flexible tile adhesive incorporating Nano technology for all kinds of substrates and ceramic coverings)
1.3 Lastoflex (polymer modified additive for mixing with PCI adhesive mortars)
1.4 Carrament (special stain and efflorescence free adhesive for natural stone / reconstituted stone)
1.5 Carraflott NT (anti-efflorescence white bonding slurry for fixing natural stone by semi-dry method)
1.6 Collastic (special tile adhesive on steel, wood and polyester substrates)
1.7 Nanofug (universal flexible joint grout incorporating Nano technology for every joint width and all ceramic tiles)
1.8 Durafug NT (non-toxic cementitious tile grout incorporating Nano technology for commercially used areas, swimming pool and potable water tank)
1.9 Carrafug (marble grout)
1.10 Durapox NT (waterproof and chemical resistant epoxy tile adhesive and tile grout)
1.11 Pavifix 1K (air cured jointing compound without the need of mixing water for all paving joints)
1.12 Pavifix CEM (cement joint grout for natural stone pavers and natural stone slabs)
2. Renderings / Bonding Agents / Primers
2.1 Dichtungsmittel (mortar additive and efflorescence reducer for cementitious screeds, renders, masonry mortars and joint grouts)
2.2 Pericret (resurfacing material and prebagged renders)
2.3 Latex (mortar bonding additive to improve mortar and render)
2.4 Repahaft (mortar bonding agent for bonded screeds and cementitious mortars)
2.5 Gisogrund (wash primer / protective primer for walls and floors)
3. Waterproofing Systems / Waterstops
3.1 Lastogum (liquid applied waterproofing membrane to receive tiles directly for use in toilets, showers and bathrooms)
3.2 Seccoral 2K (liquid applied waterproofing membrane to receive tiles directly for use in swimming pool and water feature)
3.3 Apoflex (liquid applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane for areas exposed to chemical attacks)
3.4 Pecitape (special fabric tape system for waterproof corner and perimeter joints, pipe culverts and floor drains)
4. Floor Levelling Compounds / Hardeners
4.1 Armiermatte & Periplan or Zemtec (Crack Bridging Bonded Self-Leveler)
4.2 Novoment M1 Plus (ready-mixed fast setting high compressive screed)
5. Joint Fillers / Foams / Hypalons / Sealants
5.1 Silcofug E (anti-fungus silicone sealant for tiling joints)
5.2 Carraferm (non-staining silicone sealant for natural stone joints)
5.3 Elritan 100 (one-component gun grade PU sealant)

1. Formwork & Concreting Products
1.1 Febol Faceup (horizontal concrete surface retarder)
1.2 Febol Standard (vertical concrete surface retarder)
1.3 Concure (water based concrete curing compound)
2. Concrete Repair Systems / Grouts
2.1 Febexpan Premix (non-shrink high strength multi-purpose cementitious grout, repair mortar and mirco concrete)
2.2 ChemTech CT-40 (polymer modified, light weight repair mortar)
2.3 ZincRich (zinc rich epoxy corrosion resistant primer)
3. Renderings / Bonding Agents / Primers
3.1 Bond SBR (water-resistant bonding agent for internal and external use, and waterproofing admixture for mortar)
4. Waterproofing Systems / Waterstops
4.1 Polyurea 3000 (spray applied fast cure polyurea waterproofing membrane)
4.2 PVC T-Grip Liner (PVC T-grip waterproofing liner)
4.3 Joint-WaterBar (flexible PVC waterstop)
4.4 Brushcrete (liquid highly flexible polymer modified cementitious waterproofing membrane)
5. Drainage Composites
5.1 Drain 990 (high compressive resistant prefabricated drainage panel to receive concrete topping and wearing slab)
5.2 Drain and Retain 100RS (25mm thick drainage panel laminated with root barrier for green roof application)
6. Insulation
6.1 XPS Insulation Board (Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Board)
6.2 XPS Cellular Glass Board (Cellular Glass Insulation Board)

1. Waterproofing Systems / Waterstops
1.1 Vulkem 201 (liquid applied, elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane)(modified polyurethane)
1.2 Vulkem 350NF/351 (liquid applied, elastomeric polyurethane UV resistant waterproofing membrane for pedestrian traffic)
1.3 Vulkem 350NF/345/346 (liquid applied, elastomeric polyurethane waterproof vehicular traffic bearing system)
1.5 Paraseal LG (bentonite & HDPE multiple component sheet membrane waterproofing system)
1.6 Superstop (bentonite expandable waterstop for construction joint)
1.7 Tremdrain (prefabricated drainage composite)

1. Concrete Repair Systems / Grouts
1.1 Masterflow 760 (non-shrink high strength multi-purpose)
1.2 MasterEmaco 2525 (low viscosity epoxy resin for injection grouting)
1.3 Masterseal 590 (quick setting repair mortar for stopping leaks)
1.4 Masterflow 870 (non-shrink, natural aggregate precision grout)
1.5 Rheomac GF300 (expanding plasticising agent for cement, grout, mortar and concrete)
2. Renderings / Bonding Agents / Primers
2.1 Febond SBR / Barra Emulsion 57 (water-resistant bonding agent for internal & external use, and admixture for mortar)
2.2 MasterBrace 1438 (epoxy bonding agent and structural adhesive)
3. Formwork & Concreting Products
3.1 Rheofinish 211 (water based releasing agent)
3.2 Masterkure 100WB (water based releasing agent)
4. Floor Levelling Compounds / Hardeners
4.1 Mastertop 100 (non-metallic concrete surface floor hardener)
4.2 Lapidolith (fluorosilicate liquid floor hardener)
4.3 Ucrete UD200 (heavy duty polyurethane hybrid industrial flooring system)
5. Stone /Concrete Protection Products
5.1 MasterProtect H1100 (hydrophobic impregnant based on isobutyltriethoxysilane)
5.2 Masterseal 180 (non-toxic solvent free high build, protective epoxy coating)
6. Waterproofing Systems / Waterstops
6.1 Masterseal M800 (spray applied fast cure Polyurethane waterproofing membrane)
6.2 Masterseal 550 (acrylic reinforced cementitious, flexible waterproof coating for use in showers, water tank and submerged situations)
6.3 MasterProtect 300 (pigmented, elastomeric and protective waterproof and anti-carbonation coating for concrete and concrete structure)

1. Industrial / Design Flooring System
1.1 0/4 (hard aggregate for industrial floor by dry-shake / topping method)
1.2 HE65 (high compressive and wear resistant color industrial floor)
1.3 TRU (color self-leveling cementitious Terrazzo seamless design floor)
1.4 KCL (KORODUR Copetti Floor) (design floor in marble, smoothed optics)
1.5 Granidur (design floor in granite optics)

1. Below Grade / Landfill Waterproofing and Gas Vapor Barrier Systems
1.1 Ecoline-S (spray applied fast cure waterproof & gas barrier membrane for below grade backfilled / blindside (shored) wall, beneath slab, between slab, canal pond, reservoir, tunnel, as well as gas vapour barrier such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and radon)
1.2 Ecodrain-S / Ecodrain-E (multi-composite drainage sheet and protection panel)
1.3 Ecoshield-P / Ecoshield-PP (high strength polypropylene geomembrane and protection)
1.4 EproStop-HPL (rubber hydrophilic waterstop)

1. Resinous Flooring and Traffic Bearing Systems
1.1 VISCACID (heavy duty colored epoxy screed systems)
1.2 EPOXY BS 2000 / 3000 (breathable epoxy coating for color sealer or carpark floor)
1.3 METALUFLOOR (self-leveling metallic satin sparkle like decorative epoxy floor)
1.4 SD1 (silicate base protection system with chemical (pH range 0 – 14 and various solvents), heat up to 570℃ and abrasion resistance)
1.5 Epoxy BS 3000 AS (epoxy base seamless coating with anti-static properties )
2. Stone / Wood / Concrete Protection Products
2.1 Funcosil®restoration systems (stone and wood restoration systems)
2.2 Funcosil® facade protection and coating systems (facade protection and coating systems)
2.3 Funcosil C40 (hydrophobic silane base iimpregnant)
2.4 Aidol® (wood protection systems)
3. Hygienic Coating
3.1 Mould Restoration Render (water vapour permeable special render with good capillary conductivity and accelerates drying of damp surfaces to prevent mould spores from germinating)
3.2 Epoxy BS 2000/ 3000 (breathable water base epoxy coating for color sealer)

1. Below Grade Waterproofing and Vaporproofing Systems
1.1 PRECON sheet applied composite waterproofing and vaporproofing membrane mechanically bonded to poured concrete, for blindside (shored) wall and beneath slab
1.2 MEL-ROL sheet applied self-adhering waterproofing membrane for below grade backfilled wall
1.3 PMPC sheet applied high puncture resistant premoulded vapor seal and waterproof membrane with plasmatic core – seven-ply, weather-coated, permanently bonded, semi-flexible bituminous core board

1. Waterproofing Concrete and Vaporproofing Systems
1.1 BETOCRETE C-17(BV) crystalline waterproofing concrete plasticiser
1.2 INDURLOOR IB1240 liquid applied penetrating epoxy vapor barrier

1. Waterproofing Systems
1.1 SUPER and PREMIX liquid applied crystalline in-depth waterproofing and protection slurry
1.2 CEMELAST liquid applied elasticized waterproofing slurry